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HBH Board Member Spotlight: Kevin Kennedy

What year did you join the HBH Board?


What motivated you to become a part of the HBH Board?

I have ben a long-time donor and supporter of HBH. Billy Bludgus, Scott Sadowksi, Adam Weiss and myself have been close friends since our time together as fraternity brothers at the University of Miami. I have always been impressed by Billy's vision in beginning and growing HBH, and when I was asked to take on a larger role as a Board Member I was honored and humbled. I am happy to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children we support.

How has Joining HBH as a Board Member impacted your life?

It makes me happy to think that some small actions that I can take here can have a ripple effect to potentially change the life of a child in Tanzania for the better. I am looking forward to my first trip to Tanzania next summer (2020) to see first-hand the impact that HBH has had on these children in Dar es Salaam.

Tell us about your professional background, and how it helps you contribute as an HBH Board Member?

I am an attorney in South Florida with my own legal practice focusing in the areas of Condominium and Homeowner's Associations, Real Estate and Civil Litigation, among other areas.

What impact do you hope to have on the HBH kids, and our organization as a whole?

I am hoping to help HBH increase its annual fundraising efforts. Obviously, the greatest

impact that US based board members can have on our Tanzanian operation is the ability

to raise funds and support the local team in Tanzania. I would like to see our fund raising

efforts double over the next few years, which will provide HBH the opportunity to bring

in and help even more at-risk children.

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