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What year did you join the HBH Board?


What motivated you to become a part of the HBH Board?

I was long-time friend of Billy and supporter of the organization. I wanted to increase my impact by giving my time and knowledge, as well.

How has joining HBH as a Board Member impacted your life?

I find myself checking Tanzanian news more often now, and I have a notes section in my phone where I write ideas that might benefit HBH at random times throughout the day.

Tell us about your professional background, and how it helps you contribute as an HBH Board Member?

I work in consumer loyalty with previous experience in revenue management. Both have a great deal of cross-over with nonprofit fundraising.

What impact do you hope to have on the HBH kids, and our organization as a whole?

I would love to help successfully graduate as many kids as possible and expand the organization's size and footprint to increase our overall impact.

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