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Doreen and Dorice

These twins are the youngest kids in House of Blue Hope’s care. They came to us, having suffered badly from malnutrition and neglect, and are in the process of recovering from a very traumatic first couple of years. With the love and support of their house mama they are doing well and will attend nursery school when they are ready.


Irene joined the recently opened girls’ home and has settled in nicely. She attends Pre-Standard 1 at Gonzaga Primary school, after passing their strict assessments, having being brought up to speed, after missing introductory schooling before joining our home. At seven years of age, Irene is currently interested in becoming a Policewoman.


Eliya’s father left his mother before he was born, and denied that Eliya was his son. His mother struggles with unemployment, selling local brew in Kimara whenever she can, and lives with a man who refused to take Elia in. Without anyone to provide a home or the money to pay school fees, Elia was living on the streets, before House of Blue Hope took him in when he was six years old. He now attends Loyola High School and is pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor.


When Gerard joined HBH in 2016 he was enrolled in Standard One class. He joined House of Blue Hope after his father died of AIDS, and his mother, who is HIV positive, could no longer look after him. He has adapted well to living with his new brothers, and is doing well at school. He is currently at Gonzaga Primary School and has aspirations to become a doctor or engineer.

Meet the kids

We have three homes in which we currently support twenty seven in need kids: A house for the older boys aged between thirteen and eighteen years old, a young boys’ house for boys aged from six to ten years old, and a girls’ house with aged from two to eight.


House mamas look after the daily needs of the children, ensuring they are properly fed, follow good personal hygiene habits, and have emotional support.


Our homes are based in the Mabibo district of Dar es Salaam, close to quality private junior and senior schools.


Often the kids who are welcomed into our homes have suffered trauma, abuse, and hardships including malnutrition, neglect, or abandonment. The House of Blue Hope staff are ready to provide a loving, supportive home, and work hard to make sure these vulnerable young kids settle into their new home with the care they need to overcome turbulent starts in life.


Over the last ten years, the kids’ charity has been helping in need kids overcome dire situations and follow their dreams.

Meet the kids
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