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HBH Kids Visit Saba Saba Trade Fair

This month has been a busy one for the House of Blue Hope charity. Not only did Frank attend the S.T.E.M Innovators Forum in Dodoma, but he and the rest of the HBH kids got to attend the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), popularly known as Saba Saba’ Trade Fair, which takes place annually around the Tanzanian public holiday on the seventh of July – ‘saba’ is seven in swahili.

The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair is organised by the Board of External Trade, to promote Tanzania as a major exporter, to facilitate business, and build global trade partnerships across many countries and industries. Thousands of exhibitors, both from Tanzania and beyond, come to make trade links, carry out research, and introduce their services to businesses in the port city.

The kids spent the day seeing various exhibitions, and exploring what was on offer, including the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources pavilion which had animals on site. The older kids in the group took the opportunity to visit University pavilions, where they spoke to university representatives who gave advice about which colleges are the best, and the grades required to succeed when applying for university courses. This provided valuable insight for the older kids who will soon be graduating from secondary school and taking the next step to pursue diplomas in college.

The older HBH kids take the opportunity to talk to University and college representatives at the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), about their futures.

After the informative and fun trip to the seven day trade show, and before the beginning of the new school term all the kids were given the time to visit family, the full time carers went on leave, and the newly quiet homes were given minor repairs, with the exception of the younger boys’ home which has undergone a substantial facelift, bringing the now ten year old building into a smarter more welcoming condition. A new coat of paint for the exterior and interior was completed, while a new wall, replacing the fencing around the perimeter of the building was completed and painted, and courtyard paved. The newly constructed water tower was also painted. 

The charity and kids in its care look forward to a productive and happy new school year, with many exciting developments in the pipeline including a significant expansion in capacity to help even more kids reach their potential and escape the poverty trap. Check back in the coming months to find out about what’s new via our blog and social media, or be the first to know our latest news by joining our mailing list.

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